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In case, the actual body weight is more than 30% over calculated ideal body weight (IBW), the adjusted body weight (ABW) is often used for drug dosing.

Ideal body weight refers to the desired weight a healthy person of a given height and weight should possess. If your body weight is ideal, it reduces the chances of diseases like diabetes and that of the heart. In other words maintaining an ideal body weight is the key to healthy living.

The ideal weight of a person is calculated taking into account the person's height and weight. Along with an 'Ideal Body Weight' the calculator also displays an 'Adjusted Body Weight' when the results show that the individual is more than 30% overweight. Adjusted body weight is utilized as a tool to determine appropriate medication dosages and attain the most ideal weight.

The weight of your brain is 2% of your total body weight. Brain uses 20-25% of the oxygen you breathe, and it needs around 15% of the total blood supply