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Lose Weight Post Pregnancy


The stork has visited!! you are blessed with a little bundle of joy. Becoming a mother means a whole lot of responsibilities, like caring for your baby, feeding the baby, pacifying your baby if s/he cries, and watching over even during nights. With all these responsibilities, you also worry about the weight gained during pregnancy and wish to get back into shape as soon as possible. However, it is very important to be patient and give yourself enough time to slim down. Aping a celebrity and going on a crash diet or trying to push your limits by doing rigorous workouts is not the right move.

Dr health suggests a few tips to lose weight post pregnancy and become a yummy mummy:


The doctor will advise you to breast feed, as it is extremely good for the baby’s health. It strengthens your baby’s immune system and provides optimum nutrition. However, you might be surprised to know, that breast feeding will also help you shed some weight and get back in shape. It is said that breastfeeding burns around 500 calories per day.

Stay hydrated:

Do not drink too much water at a time, however make sure that you sip on some water at regular intervals. It should amount to a total 10 to 12 glasses a day. Drinking adequate water ensures that you stay hydrated, it replenishes the body and flushes out toxins and other wastes through urine. бордюры Оскол

Eat a healthy, balanced diet:

It is very important to eat healthy. Do not starve or skip meals in order to lose weight fast. You need energy and for that you have to eat. Choose food items that are high on nutrition and contain low calories and fat. Eating a proper balanced and nutritious diet during lactation is important, as the mother has to provide for the baby as well.

Do not give in to food cravings:

Eating a wholesome meal and healthy food is important, because you and your baby require complete nutrition. However, it should not be an excuse for over indulgence and eating calorie laden food. Giving in to the cravings for fried food and ghee laden sweets can cause further weight gain.


Exercising doesn’t mean hitting the gym. You can join postnatal exercise classes. It will help you loose weight, you can also meet other new mom’s and get to interact with them. Women who have undergone a C section, should take adequate rest, and try to maintain weight by resisting food cravings, and eating healthy food. Exercising can wait. Consult your doctor before starting any type of exercise or joining classes.

Get adequate sleep:

Let your husband and other family members also shoulder the responsibility of caring for your baby so that you can get adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause weight gain and also lead to stress and depression.

Care for your baby

Stay active and take good care of your baby. Don’t miss out on simple joys of life by worrying too much. Put your baby into a stroller and enjoy a walk with your little one. All the regular activities and caring for the baby can be quite a lot of work; it will help to build a bond with your baby and also in weight loss.


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